Winer Observatory UPS Status

2024.06.20 13:06:12 UT

Parameter Value UnitComment
V In -1.00 Volts Roof closes when V In is below 10.0 Volts for 5 minutes or more
Frequency -1.00 Hz
Mode invalid
Watts -1 W
Ready invalid
VA Out -1 Volt-Amps
Inverter invalid
V Out -1.00 Volts
PF -1.00
Charger invalid
I Out -1.00
Load invalid Per Cent
Beeper invalid
Run Time invalid Minutes
Level invalid
Voltage Battery -1.00 Volts
Ambient Temperature invalid Celsius
Tap invalid
I Battery -1.00
Brown Level -1.00 Volts
Validity -1
UPS State 2048

Other Information

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