Table of Annual Fees

We clean telescope optics monthly using CO2 snow. Our workshop has a milling machine, band saw, welder Our workshop has a lathe and plasma cutter We have an ESD bench with complete grounding.

The fee for one year of site rental, maintenance, and repair is given in the table below, and is based on market surveys of customers and competitors, the estimated cost of providing the services listed below for the size telescope listed, and of the estimated cost of the corresponding telescope. Please contact us at the address on the right or on our Contact Us page for a quote on telescopes that do not appear in the table.

Telescope Aperture / Mount Annual Fee ($)
Larger than 30 inches Call for quote
Larger than 20 inches up through 30 inches 20,000
20-inch Torus/OMI 15,000
20-inch Celestron C20 AstroGraph on factory mount 12,000
14.5-inch Torus/OMI 12,000
Meade 20-inch MAX on MAX Mount 8,500
Meade 16-inch MAX on MAX Mount 8,000
Meade 16-inch LX200R on factory mount 7,500
12/14/16-inch Meade/Celestron on Astrophysics or Paramount computerized mount 7,500
Smaller than 12-inch on Astrophysics or Paramount computerized mount 5,000
8/9.25/11-inch Celestron or 8/10/12-inch Meade on factory mount 5,000
Not on this list Call for quote

Services included in the annual fee

Services NOT included in the annual fee

Winer Observatory is not responsible for losses due to fire, theft, vandalism, accidents (except for gross negligence), or what lawyers call Acts of God. The actual terms and conditions are given in the Cooperative Agreement or Contract with each customer, a sample copy of which may be obtained by contacting us at the address on our Contact Us page.

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