Mike Schwartz Science at the Winer Observatory

Schwartz C-14/Bisque Paramount supernova finder Mike Schwartz of Tenagra Observatories installed the equipment shown at left in October, 1998 at Position No. 4 of our Sonoita Facility. Using a telephone modem, he conducted his supernova search remotely from his home in Oregon. There were no discoveries between October and the end of 1998, but in early January, 1999 Mike discovered his first supernova remotely (he had discovered seven before at his home in Oregon), and shortly thereafter, discovered yet another. By six months later, over the Fourth of July weekend when he removed the system from our observatory at the start of the monsoon season (when it is clear in Oregon), he had discovered seven supernovae at our observatory, bringing his overall total to 14, making him the second-ranked amateur in supernova hunting. The following discoveries are documented in IAU circulars:

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